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We Serve Your Needs

Welcome to Satellite Solar

Satellite Solar is a smart energy solutions company based in Melbourne Victoria with over 17 years of experience in Renewable Energy products. At Satellite Solar we believe in saving households and businesses money at a low cost while contributing to a greener country. Our Leadership Team consists exclusively of experienced and qualified Engineers with extensive experience in Commercial Solar PV along with Residential Solar PV Systems, to ensure the customer always has the best solution, the first time!


We have the buying power, expertise and installation coverage to ensure you get the very best in solar products, advice and services installed at your premises.

When you buy solar panels, solar heating or other renewable energy equipment, it can be a substantial investment and one you will be living with for many years - that is why our skilled electricians and installers ensure the design and size of your installation will see you enjoy FREE energy straight away when you are Plugged into the Sun!

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